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Goats have been proven to be a remarkably environmentally-friendly way to eradicate nuisance plants. Needing only access to the plants and a little time, the goats leave nothing behind but natural fertilizer. Their ability to conquer difficult terrain is legendary, and they do their work with little disruption of the areas in which they forage.

Now, Salem is host to two projects aiming to use goats in the battle to control invasive weeds in the area. Next week, at the behest of the Pringle Creek Community, goats will begin clearing weeds along Pringle Creek, in South Salem. Additionally, the Salem Audubon Society is seeking to crowd-fund a project to clear their nature reserve in West Salem of English ivy. You can learn more from the Statesman Journal: http://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/tech/science/environment/2015/03/13/goats-city/70294966/

Information on how to contribute to the Salem Audubon’s project can be found on the front page of the society’s web site: http://www.salemaudubon.org/