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The City of Salem is considering several variations for its Minto-Brown Island Park Master Plan. The plan that is eventually adopted will determine how the lands are used and how the public can enjoy them. The individual plans focus on enhanced public access, restoration to a more natural state, or a shift to greater agricultural usage. A public meeting is scheduled for April 21,  the particulars of which, along with PDFs detailing the plans, are available from the city’s web page. An online survey which allows you to provide input on the specifics of each part of your preferred plan can also be found there: http://www.cityofsalem.net/Residents/Parks/ParkTour/Pages/MintoBrownIslandMasterPlan.aspx

Personally, I tend to think restoration offers the best environmental and conservation benefits, and some of the access specifics, such as a boat launch on the Willamette Slough, shouldn’t impinge on the restoration goals. I’d like to thank Theresa Byrne for bringing this information to my attention.

In related news, CP stalwart Norm Reiss is serving as an interlocutor in a discussion between the city and the Willamette Riverkeeper aimed at combating the burgeoning weed problem on the sloughs and ponds around the park. The talks are only just beginning, and we’ll try to keep you updated as events develop.