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While the deplorable problem of plastic trash in the oceans and waterways is causing grief for many aquatic denizens, one little, enterprising hermit crab found a unique reuse for one such piece of trash; he turned a discarded Lego piece into a home. Unfortunately, this may well be reflective of another marine crisis, the acidification of ocean waters. Worldwide this ongoing acidification is damaging mollusk shells, which have been the traditional homes of hermit crabs. Mollusks are having a hard time, and that’s making it tough on the hermit crabs. The Smithsonian has the story, with video, along with some information and links regarding what some folks are trying to do to help the little crabs: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/meet-hermit-crab-who-has-shacked-lego-180954902/