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Washington Approves Neurotoxin Use in Willapa Bay
Despite concerns of harm to other species, Washington’s Department of Ecology has approved the use of neurotoxic pesticides against burrowing shrimp by shellfish growers in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor. Both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have expressed concerns about such a program, and at least one major grower is backing off plans to use the persistent, broad-spectrum pesticide imidacloprid. The Oregonian has the details: http://www.oregonlive.com/environment/index.ssf/2015/05/neurotoxic_pesticide_okd_for_w.html#incart_river

Scientists Call for Airspace Reserves
Researchers from Argentina and Wales are calling for the creation of “airspace reserves” to protect flying wildlife from human-created hazards. As the world’s skies become ever more crowded, it is thought millions of animals die each year from collisions with tall buildings, power lines and wind turbines. The scientists are hoping creating airspace reserves that take into account migrations and other behaviors could help limit the loss. The BBC has the story: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-32536907

Al Jazeera America has the story, too, along with a unique and striking photograph: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/5/1/scientists-call-for-airspace-reserves.html

Aerial Spraying: Citizens Lose; Logging and Pesticide Industries Win
Earlier this legislative session. bills were proposed to better regulate aerial spraying on private lands. The initiatives were largely the result of private citizens, many direct victims of bad spraying practices, looking to the legislature for relief. Lined up against the citizens were powerful interests, including the logging and chemical industries, with their lobbyists. The predictable outcome was the citizens were crushed. The Oregonian has the sordid story of money and influence, right here in Oregon: http://www.oregonlive.com/environment/index.ssf/2015/04/how_average_oregonians_challen.html#incart_river