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Esquif Makes a Comeback
Canadian canoe manufacturer Esquif, which stopped operations and filed for bankruptcy in March, is back in business. This is particularly good news for whitewater canoeists, as Esquif is reported to have developed a suitable replacement material for Royalex, the long-time favorite for whitewater canoe hulls. T-Formex is the name of the new material, and other manufacturers besides Esquif are apparently eyeing the product for their production. Canoeroots magazine has the story: http://www.rapidmedia.com/canoeing/categories/news/4899-breaking-news-esquif-canoes-is-back-in-business.html

Canoeing the Reg Blomfield Way
Back when the Cascade Canoe Club of Salem had monthly meeting featuring speakers and videos, a favorite was the VHS tape titled “A 1934 Canadian Canoe Demonstration”. The film featured Reg Blomfield performing a lengthy list of remarkable canoeing feats, circa 1934. Now the video is available on YouTube, so you can revisit the days of wood-canvas and no PFDs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGM_nNoDJV4