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Sea Levels Rising Faster Than Thought
It seems a flaw in the data from one satellite has led to an underestimation of the rate at which sea levels are currently rising. From 1993 until 1999 the Topex Poseidon satellite overestimated the rise it saw. When it was replaced, the new data made it look like sea level rise had slowed. The Smithsonian reports: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/satellite-data-underestimated-how-fast-sea-levels-are-rising-180955309/

Protests Against Shell Arctic Drilling Last Days
The protests which started last week in Seattle, focusing on Shell Oil’s drilling platforms docked in Seattle, have continued into this week. Further, Secretary of State John Kerry was turned away from speaking at the port in regard to trade, because of the protests. The Oregonian has a more general report on the protests: http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2015/05/protesters_of_arctic_ocean_oil.html#incart_river
While The Stranger addresses the Kerry situation: http://www.thestranger.com/blogs/slog/2015/05/19/22245968/the-port-turned-john-kerry-away-from-seattle-because-of-shell-protests

Oil Fouls Famous California Beach
Refugio State Beach in California, site of a huge oil spill in 1969 that helped ignite the environmental movement, has fallen victim to another spill, this time from a broken pipe. While the latest spillage is only a tenth the size of the massive 1969 event, it is still causing significant concern and cleanup efforts are underway. Al Jazeera America has the story, along with photos which depict an appalling scene: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/5/19/pipeline-bursts-spilling-oil-on-california-coast.html

Indian Ocean Robs Heat, Skews Air Temperature Results
Climate change deniers have made much of the apparent slowing in recent years of atmospheric warming. It turns out they have little reason to be smug; the heat was being absorbed by the Indian Ocean, and it’s neither a good thing, nor is it going to last. The mechanisms of the process are complex, but Ars Technica has an approachable account of the dynamics: http://arstechnica.com/science/2015/05/how-the-indian-ocean-ended-up-stealing-the-atmospheres-heat/

Sea Level Rise Threatens Marshall Islands
A collection of coral islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Marshalls are an American protectorate. With an average elevation of six feet, their residents have much to fear from rising sea levels. The islands have always been at jeopardy from flooding caused by storm-driven waves, but the matters are taking a sharp turn for the worse. Al Jazeera America investigated in a three part series: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/5/18/disaster-after-disaster-in-low-lying-marshall-islands.html

The Extraterrestrial Origins of Earth’s Water
So, where did all this water to paddle on come from? It came from space, in a journey that involves vast scales of time and cosmos for the trip to be consummated in our oceans. BBC Earth has the story, with their usual lavish illustrations: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150526-alien-origin-of-earths-oceans