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HB 2320 and HB 2321 – A Tale of Two Bills 
2321, the bill extending the requirement for an AISP permit to all boats, regardless of length, is sailing right along. It saw a flurry of activity in April, moved from the house to the senate, and is currently before the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

HB 2320, the attempt to extend licensing to all nonmotorized boats, has seen little activity, but there’s not much reason to draw cheer from that. I imagine to legislators this looks like an easy fix that doesn’t involve general fund dollars. The fact that it is an inequitable head tax may not get much sympathy, since the political backlash is probably perceived as limited. One might hope that directly contravening the Admission Acts would cause some hesitation on the part of our elected representatives, but that remains to be seen. Anyway, the bill is currently before the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.

Salem River 2 Ridge Relay Announced 
Salem is set to have a new athletic competition, of the triathlon variety. Featuring running, biking, and paddling, the race will run a winding route from Wallace Marine Park to Silver Falls Park. The Statesman has the details: http://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/2017/04/20/race-salem-silver-falls-use-boats-bikes-and-boots/100666304/