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HB 2320 and HB 2321 Died In Committee 
Both the controversial bill to charge all boaters wishing to navigate Oregon waters, HB 2320, and the less contested legislation aimed at extending PFD and invasive species permit requirements, HB 2321, languished in the Ways and Means Committee when the legislature reached adjournment. This is likely not the last we will see of such proposals, and we, as a community, should be prepared to address the issues raised when that happens. If the OSMB continues to pursue the agency’s interests ahead of the public’s, we should be prepared not only to address that concern, but to offer better solutions, as well.

The Oregonian’s Favorite Portland Kayaking Venues 
The Oregonian has compiled a short list of waterways, in and around Portland, which are favorable to paddlesport. For the most part they are well-known, but still worth keeping in mind: http://www.oregonlive.com/travel/index.ssf/2017/07/best_places_to_kayak_in_portla.html#incart_river_index