Food Thought to Affect Cancer Spread 
Evidence is mounting that some cancers’ growth is increased by nutrients in certain common foods. Starved of those nutrients, malignancies in mice struggled to grow. The BBC provides the details:

Highly Processed Foods Linked to Cancer 
French researchers believe they have found a significant correlation between the consumption of highly processed foods, such as confections, snack foods, or sausage, and increased cancer rates. I imagine the food processing industry would like you to take these results with a large grain of gluten-free, sea salt. The BBC informs:

Low-fat v. Low-carb: Same Result 
Researchers at Stanford tested the results of low-fat as opposed to low-carbohydrate diets for losing weight. In the end, it was calories consumed, not their origin, that determined whether weight was gained or lost. At the same time, the researchers tested whether the individuals’ metabolic genome had an effect. It didn’t, confounding some expectations. Ars Technica elaborates: