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Ancient First Nation Canoe Routes Traced 
Researchers are recreating ancient Wabanaki canoe routes in New Brunswick. An amalgam of disciplines, from computer modeling of water levels to linguistics, is allowing the modern-day retracing of these native highways, as the Smithsonian details: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/researchers-mapping-first-nations-ancient-canoe-routes-new-brunswick-180968678/

Summer Solstice Illuminata Regatta 
The Christmastime Illuminata Regatta has become a Salem staple. Launching from the downtown’s Riverfront Park, canoeists and kayaker take to the slough, boats bedecked with lights, to the delight of spectators. This year will see a summertime complement to winter event, starting with launching the boats at 9:00 pm, on June 22.

Detroit Is Full, For Now 
As you may have heard, Detroit Reservoir has filled, and recreation prospects at the lake look good for the season. Our snow pack is low however, (as I write, it has slipped below 60% of normal), and a burst of warm temperatures early could put river flows in jeopardy by later in the season. Best not to tarry in getting out there, this year. Remember, you have to get in the flow before you can go with it.