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Marine Board Seeks to Increase Fees 
The Oregon State Marine Board says it plans to petition the legislature for fee increases in the coming session, all part of the agency’s series of “legislative concepts”. Non-motorized boats would look to face dramatic increases, roughly tripling current fees.

In place of the current invasive species permit, a new access permit would cost $5 a week, $17 a year, or $30 for two years for boats 10-feet and more in length. By calling it an access permit and exempting boats shorter than 10 feet, the agency probably hopes to dance around the Oregon Admission Acts’ prohibition, in Section 2, of any type of fees on navigation. The problem here is that, apparently, you could access the water from your own property, and still have to pay the marine board’s access fee. The only thing you really couldn’t do without paying the fee is navigate. It is, then, a fee on navigation.

Of course, this is all in a preliminary stage, but the agency is facing a tightening budget, due to steadily decreasing revenues from motorized craft. Here they are looking to plump up revenues by the shortest possible path. Unfortunately, that path looks dubious in its legality and questionable in its equitability.

You can read the Mail Tribune’s coverage, here: http://mailtribune.com/oregon-outdoors/boating/marine-board-seeks-new-higher-boat-fees

Rafting the Smith River 
Dipping into the northern reaches of the California coast, Zach Urness at the Statesman captured a nice gallery of photos while rafting the Smith River, near Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park: https://www.statesmanjournal.com/picture-gallery/travel/outdoors/2018/06/27/rafting-in-the-redwoods/36438061/

Zach Urness’ Guide to Three Nearby Lakes 
Zach, at Salem’s Statesman Journal, visited Timpanogas, Summit, and Waldo Lakes, took photos and compiled a brief guide to accessing and recreating at the lakes. You can find it here: https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/travel/outdoors/2017/08/30/waldo-lake-summit-lake-timpanogas-lake-willamette-pass-crescent-lake-odell-lake/605323001/