Bones Need Exercise 
You don’t have to be an astronaut to lose bone and muscle mass; you only have to be inactive. That’s why it’s vital for every individual to get significant exercise on a regular basis. How much exercise? The BBC explores the question and its answer, here:

Air Pollution’s Link to Diabetes 
A massive study of the effects of air pollution on the incidence of diabetes has come to some very troubling conclusions. In the U.S., for instance, the project concluded air pollution was responsible for 150,000 cases of the disease in 2016 alone. Worldwide, it is estimated 14 percent of diabetes cases trace to dirty air. The Atlantic has more:

The Art of the Tourniquet 
Accidents can happen, no matter where you are. While major bleeding injuries are rare in paddlesports, the outdoors is a hazardous environment. Avid canoeist and former Portland Mayor, Bud Clark, once fell on a sharp stick while on the Owyhee River, punctured his femoral artery, and would have bled to death were it not for a tourniquet, (and a helicopter). Lifehacker would like to acquaint you with the basics of tourniquets: