ICU Delirium and Subsequent Dementia 
A strong correlation has been found to exist between visits to the emergency room and the later development of dementia. It seems the trauma of the experience can be overwhelming, and doctors are looking to understand the implications. Research is ongoing, and NPR would like to bring you up-to-date:

Artificial Sweeteners Found Toxic to Gut Bacteria 
If you wanted direct evidence that artificial sweeteners mess with your guts, this would seem to be it. Researchers found that six common artificial sweeteners were toxic to gut bacteria, when administered at low concentrations. CNBC has the details:

The Feldenkrais Method: A Prescription for Back Pain? 
The Feldenkrais Method, a system of exercises many have found helpful in living with back pain, is the topic of an informative Washington Post article:

6 Pressure Points to Relieve Anxiety 
Acupressure is often helpful in assuaging the symptoms of anxiety. Healthline offers a guide to some basic acupressure techniques you may find helpful: