Toxic Mold Exposure Under-recognized 
In the Pacific Northwest, mold is a fact of life. While certainly not all molds are toxic, a number that infest our living spaces are. Researchers are finding that while toxic mold exposure is quite common, it and its effects on health are often overlooked or misdiagnosed The Chicago Sun-Times has this troubling, and relevant story:

Lack of Sleep Tied to Junk Food Cravings 
Even one night of poor sleep can make junk food more appealing, say researchers. Sleep deprivation and obesity have marched in lockstep while overtaking the populace. It now appears that some mechanism ties the two together. The Guardian can fill you in:

Almost 1/3 of Americans Sleep Less Than 6 Hours a Night 
Close on the heels of the previous news comes the finding that a large portion of Americans are getting by on less than six hours a night of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation prescribes 7 to 9 hours, daily, for adults aged 18 to 64. A chronic lack of adequate sleep is implicated in a range of medical and behavioral disorders. The Smithsonian has coverage:

Foods Europe Bans, We Don’t 
Actually, it’s more food additives, but the list is enlightening. The protections offered by U.S. regulations often pale in comparison to those provided European citizens. The New York Times compiled a short list of substances, commonly used in American foods, which are banned in Europe, for seemingly very good reason: