Hospitals Penalized for Safety Lapses 
Medicare is penalizing some 800 hospitals across the country, a consequence of the hospitals’ having higher infection and patient injury rates than their peers. There is some controversy surrounding the decisions, and Ars Technica looks into the matter, (and how to find which hospitals are affected):

Lack of Deep Sleep Causes Alzheimer’s Plaque Build-up 
Researchers are pointing to a lack of deep sleep as a cause for the build up of amyloid plaques in the brain. Discover Magazine takes a look at the research:

An Aspirin a Day Is Out 
For some years a school of medical opinion has advocated an aspirin-a-day as a prophylactic against certain cardiovascular dysfunctions. New evidence suggests that advice is often misplaced. It appears the risks aspirin brings to the table often outweigh any benefits it offers. The Statesman Journal examines the new recommendations:

Lifting Weights to Age Well 
Yet another study has confirmed that lifting weights contributes to better health as one ages. But, wait, this study has gone further and found a range of emotional and social benefits that tend to accrue from the practice. Sadly, only a sliver of the aging enjoy these benefits. because less than 17 percent of them engage in the activity. To learn more, read what the New York Times has to say:

The Overlooked “Superfood” 
While numerous diets hype the curative and nutritional properties of specific fruits and vegetables, the bedrock of a healthy gastrointestinal tract is usually given short-shrift: fiber. It is thought fully 95 percent of the American population fails to get enough fiber in their diet. The health effects from such deficiency can be broad ranging and serious. Vox takes on the issue: