Another Major Nutrition Study Questions Supplements 
The nutrition supplement industry is huge, but are the supplements they promote really doing any good? Increasingly, the answer researchers are coming up with is “no”. While a balanced diet is definitely desirable, getting your nutrients from foods seems to have a much better result than popping pills, or other supplements. Ars Technica has the news, which can be summarized in the researchers’ words, “although adequate nutrient intake from foods could contribute to reduced risk for death, excess intake from supplements might increase mortality.”:

Train Your Way Out of Hip Pain 
On the front line in any personal locomotion are the hips. They have to be there for every step, every stop, every turn, and so on. It is, then, little wonder that hips can be a source of much suffering, particularly as one ages. Here to help you combat the untoward effects of aging or injured hips, is Outside Magazine:

Alzheimer’s Found to be Twice as Common as Thought 
Even in the wake of the news that a new type of dementia, often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s, has been identified, researchers report many who suffer from Alzheimer’s don’t exhibit the outward symptoms, and are slipping through the cracks. The New York Post elaborates:

Understanding Your Metabolism 
Everyone has a metabolism, but few have much understanding of it. On the theory that it’s best to learn how to live with your metabolism, since you just can’t live without it, Vox (via Pocket) tries to shed some light on the subject:

Don’t Myth With Your Sleep 
Health experts are in consensus that most people are sleep-deprived, and the effects of that are adversely affecting vast numbers of the populace. It’s a good time, then, to be straight on your sleep facts, and the BBC wants to help dispel any myths: