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SB 47: The Navigation Fee Progresses 
While the bill’s description clearly identifies it as a fee for operating a boat, the ruse that it is a fee for access appears poised to succeed. The bill has been passed by the Oregon House, and it is scheduled for its third reading before the Senate on 6/30. The only public hearing was held on February 21, apparently before the bill’s language was fully finalized.

The bill’s support appears to have run along party lines. with Democratic support and Republican opposition. It seems certain that our state’s founders would be deeply disappointed to learn their earnest efforts to secure the public’s rights have been so blithely laid asunder by their successors.

Zach Urness Floats the Smith River 
Although it is actually found in Northern California, the Smith River isn’t far away, and might be considered a Northwest river. Zach Urness at the Statesman Journal found it to be a beautiful, redwood-lined, paddler-friendly trip, as he explains: https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/travel/outdoors/2019/05/01/experience-beauty-redwood-national-park-smith-river/3619430002/

Hosmer Lake Recreation and History 
Zach Urness at the Statesman explores the history of nearby favorite, Hosmer Lake, as well as its current recreational possibilities, in this article: https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/travel/outdoors/2016/06/25/beautiful-hosmer-lake-once-known-muddy-waters-and-trash-fish/86052426/