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A Mental Health Cost From Air Pollution 
Increasingly, studies are implicating air pollution for a range of medical conditions beyond respiratory health. Recently, researchers at the University of Chicago found what they believe is evidence that air pollution affects mental health, fostering increases in such illnesses as depression and bipolar disorder. SudyFinds reports the controversial news: https://www.studyfinds.org/smog-sadness-study-suggests-link-between-air-pollution-psychiatric-disorders/

Four-in-one Pill Said to Prevent Heart Problems 
A recent study published in the eminent publication, the Lancet, found that a pill combining aspirin, a statin, and two blood-pressure-control medications helped to lower the risk of heart attacks and stroke by a third. The combination is low-cost and low-risk. The BBC reports: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-49434337

“Authorized Generics” Inflating Pharmaceutical Prices 
A report by Kaiser has implicated big pharma in a ruse designed to keep drug prices high. So-called “authorized generics”, produced by the major manufacturers themselves to create a false impression of competition, are the culprit. Ars Technica explains: https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/08/big-pharma-is-using-faux-generics-to-keep-drug-prices-high-critics-say/