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Kayakers Rescue Pilot at Washington Lake 
When a small plane went down in King County’s Lake Morton, local kayakers came to the stricken pilot’s rescue. The Oregonian has the story: https://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/2019/11/pilot-rescued-by-kayakers-after-small-plane-lands-in-washington-lake.html

Man Rescues Dog, Together They Paddle the Sea 
It is generally not recommended that pets be taken paddling, but little Nirvana gives new meaning to the old term “sea dog”. Watch the video at Paddling Magazine to enjoy this charming story: https://paddlingmag.com/videos/man-saves-dog-and-they-paddle-across-the-ocean-together/

In 1938 Two Women Botanists Ran the Grand Canyon 
While it is little remembered today, the 1938 expedition was both widely celebrated and historic in its import, both in more than one way. I’ll let Atavist Magazine fill you in: https://magazine.atavist.com/the-wild-ones-grand-canyon-colorado-river-first-women