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New Restrictions on John Day & Deschutes Rivers
The Oregon State Marine Board has announced new restrictions on boating for some popular river stretches, in response to the epidemic. To quote the board’s announcement:
“All boating activities on the Deschutes River will be restricted from the Pelton Dam (River Mile 97) to its confluence with the Columbia River near Biggs Junction. The temporary closure on the John Day River extends from the mouth of the North Fork John Day River (River Mile 184) in Kimberly, downstream to Tumwater Falls, approximately 10 miles from the Columbia River. In both rivers, both motorized and non-motorized boats will be restricted.”
The restrictions are slated to be in effect through April 30, as of this writing.

Surfing an Alaskan Tidal Bore 
Surfing is great fun, whether on a board or in a kayak. One unique surfing environment that can sometimes be found where an outflowing river meets an incoming tide is a tidal bore. The wave that a tidal bore creates is often predictable and stable, making it a good candidate for play. The Smithsonian takes us to one in Alaska: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/how-to-surf-alaskas-bore-tide-180974050/